100% Money Back Guarantee

If after 90 days you aren’t satisfied with The Real Estate Bot and you wish to get a full refund of your set-up fee, you must satisfy (and provide proof of) all of the below criteria:

  1. You must have used The Real Estate bot for 90 days on your Facebook business page.

  2. You must request the refund between 90-95 days after implementing The Real Estate Bot on your Facebook Business page.

  3. Within 30 days of purchase date, you must have spent a minimum of $500 on Facebook Ads with the intent that the ads would directly promote and utilize the features of the Real Estate Bot’s core campaigns.

  4. Admin. access to your ManyChat account must be provided so that we may permanently delete The Real Estate Bot’s template.

To request a refund, please contact team@automateddreams.com

This policy is subject to change/updates. If you’ve purchased The Real Estate Bot - Jumpstart for Realtors, you will be notified in advance of any changes.